Looking for Ways to Make Extra Cash? Do a Survey and Get Rewarded!

We get it – everybody needs a little something on the side to make their money go a bit further every month. So, what do you do? How about sharing your opinion to earn a bit extra each month? With MobiWorkX Kenya, you can. You must have heard about doing asurvey in exchange for cash or rewards? Well, we offer great rewards for your opinion and time. Before you decide it sounds too good to get cash for doing a survey, hear us out.

Why would anyone pay cash for a survey?

Because your opinion matters – perhaps even more than you realise. In a crowded marketplace where brands compete for a share, anything that can make them stand out among their competition is invaluable. And there is simply nothing more valuable than consumer insight. If a brand knows exactly what it is that its consumers like and dislike, how they perceive the category, and what exactly they want, the brand can make it happen and win the hearts of its consumers. And you are the one sitting with that information. So, brands want to know what you have to say, which is why they are willing to pay cash for a consumer completing a survey.

What rewards are available?

The opinion of each panellist that is part of the MobiWorkX Kenya community is equally important, so we need to have a reward system that everyone can access. Also, some questionnaires take slightly longer than others. To ensure that the system is fair towards everyone, we reward participants with a pre-arranged amount of points per survey instead of cash. Once you have accumulated enough, these points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

  • G-Codes: These are virtual gift codes that can be used like cash to buy thousands of rewards including merchandise, gift cards, digital magazines and books, travel and event tickets, mobile top-ups, and much more!
  • Airtime: If you select this reward in exchange for completing your survey, it will be sent directly to your mobile number within 10 business days. If your contract does not allow top-ups, you will receive an SMS with your airtime recharge code.

How do you join?

Because this is all about you giving us your opinion, we have made it as easy as we possibly can to join our community of panellists. In fact, three easy steps are all it takes to start earning rewards:

Step 1: Create your profile. Sign up for free by answering a few easy questions and providing your details to create a unique profile. It is totally free to join.

Step 2: Verify your email address. We will send an email to the address you’ve provided. Click on the link to verify that this is the correct email address.

Step 3: Start completing surveys to earn rewards. Log in on our website to check for new polls or wait to be notified of a new questionnaire via email or SMS. Complete the survey to earn rewards. What are you waiting for? Join now to start earning cash rewards for each survey you complete with MobiWorkX Kenya.