Consumers in Kenya Are Invited to Complete Surveys for Airtime

Given that it is widely recognised as having one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, it should come as no surprise that, according to research conducted by Statista, the number of mobile cellular subscriptions in Kenya stood at around 49,5 million, in 2018. That works out at an incredible 96 users for every 100 members of the country’s population. For many cellphone users, a pay-as-you-go scheme presents a more affordable option than a costly long-term contract. However, the prospect of completing a survey in exchange for some free airtime is proving to be equally attractive to contract and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) users both locally and in many other African countries.

With the growth of the economy and advances in technology, consumers in many African countries, including Kenya, have been gaining access to new markets, both locally and internationally. In parallel, the growth of Internet access and its improved performance has fuelled a greater interest in online shopping. For manufacturers and retailers, however, these trends have created the need to become more competitive. By completing a survey for airtime, or in exchange for some alternative reward, consumers provide valuable market-related data that can help companies to better meet the needs of their various markets.

To be of value to a company, however, requires input from a sufficiently large number of participants. It is for this reason that one market-research company is now offering consumers in Kenya a variety of incentives for completing a marketing questionnaire. Of the available rewards, the survey-for-airtime option has proved to be particularly popular. It rewards PAYG users with an automatic top-up for each questionnaire they complete while, for the contract holders, there is the option to receive an SMS containing a recharge code.

Participants are also offered an alternative to top-ups and recharge codes in the form of G-Codes or virtual gift codes. These may be accumulated and later redeemed for thousands of items such as tickets to events, travel, digital books, gift cards, merchandise, and many more. Participants in Kenya who complete a survey for rewards will either receive airtime with a minimum value of US$ 4 or a virtual gift code with a minimum value of US$ 10.

To begin enjoying these rewards, it is only necessary to become a member of a MobiWorkX online consumer panel. These are made up of representative members of the country involved and membership is free, requiring applicants to supply a few basic personal details via the online platform. Based on those details, panel members in Kenya and other participating countries will have access to those questionnaires that are most relevant to their consumer profile. They may choose to be notified of each survey for airtime by SMS or email and can complete the questionnaires on a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC, as preferred.

In addition to providing an opportunity to earn some worthwhile rewards, as a member of a MobiWorkX panel, you will also be in a position to exert more influence over the manner in which manufacturers and retailers respond to the real needs of their consumers in Kenya, such as pricing, packaging, and availability. So, why not sign up today to receive your first survey for airtime?