This Survey for Airtime Scheme Is A Big Hit in Nigeria

There can be little doubt that the smartphone has been one of the greatest technological advances of modern times. Since IBM released its jumbo-sized Simon Personal Communicator in 1994, not only have these devices become far more compact but they have gained hundreds of useful new applications. One thing has not changed, however; to continue using our Apple and Android devices, we must pay a service provider. Alternatively, mobile-phone users in Nigeria can now qualify for free airtime by completing a survey.

This valuable reward is available to all mobile-phone users who are willing to participate in these market-research exercises, regardless of whether they are on a contract or choose to pay as they go. Pay-as-you-go users receive automatic top-ups, while those who are contracted to their service provider are sent a recharge code by SMS. The offer is extended to members of the MobiWorkX panel – an online platform created by the world’s largest market research company to serve selected countries in Africa and the Middle East.

In addition to completing a survey for airtime, panel members in Nigeria may also be rewarded with virtual gift codes known as G-Codes. G-Codes can be redeemed after accumulating USD 10. There are thousands of vouchers to choose from, including gift cards, merchandise, digital publications, tickets for events, and travel opportunities.

As the market-research company behind this scheme, we appreciate the value of the data provided by those who complete the questionnaires. This information is used by our clients to improve their products and services and to better serve their customers. The offer of free airtime and G-Codes for completing a survey is simply a way to show our appreciation for those panel members in Nigeria who are willing to spend a little of their spare time to assist with our research.

It is, of course, in everyone’s interest to ensure that panel members are only questioned about products and services that might be relevant to their needs and desires. To ensure this, when applying for membership of the MobiWorkX panel, applicants are required to provide such details as their age, gender, marital status, number of children, location, educational level, and monthly income, for example. The answers help to allocate members to a given socioeconomic group so that any survey for airtime a member receives will be appropriate.

In Nigeria and the 28 other countries served by the MobiWorkX online market-research platform, members are advised of upcoming questionnaires either by SMS or by email, according to their stated preference. In each case, they receive a link which, when clicked, takes them to the new questionnaire. Where relevant, they may complete the survey for airtime on their mobile, tablet, or PC. Where it is not relevant to a member in Nigeria, or it has already closed, they will be advised accordingly.

Joining the MobiWorkX panel offers a chance to express your views about products and services that interest you, while being rewarded for your participation. Signing up is quick and simple and you can opt out at any time. Enrol today and you could soon be completing a survey for airtime in Nigeria.