Now You Can Complete A Survey for Airtime in Kenya

To a market-research company and to the clients on whose behalf it conducts its research, your opinion is valuable. Despite this, relatively few of these companies actually offer any kind of reward to those who complete the surveys from which they obtain valuable information about consumer habits and preferences. In Kenya and a number of other companies on the African continent and in the Middle East, one company has been recognising the importance of consumer participation with a reward of airtime for each survey completed.

Given that, to save money, most mobile-phone users in the country prefer to avoid being tied into expensive contracts and, instead, to operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, the chance to earn free top-ups can be a great incentive to complete a marketing questionnaire. That said, even those who may be bound by a contract with their service provider and are unable to perform top-ups can, instead, receive a recharge code by SMS for taking part.

In addition to completing a survey for airtime, participants in Kenya may be rewarded in other ways. As members of the MobiWorkX online consumer panel, they may also receive G-Codes (gift codes). G-Codes can be redeemed after accumulating USD 10 (1000Kenyan shillings). The codes may be accumulated until you have enough to redeem the reward of your choice. These include gift cards, merchandise, event tickets, travel, digital publications, and much more.

From time to time, those who agree to take part in a survey for airtime in Kenya, or in any of the additional 11 locations served by the MobiWorkX online market-research platform, will also have the opportunity to enter a competition in which they have a chance to win a grand prize. Should you wish to become a panel member, you can enrol online, and it will only take a few minutes.

To ensure the data obtained from a questionnaire will be of value, it is important that the product or service being researched is relevant to those who will be questioned. Thus, anyone who wishes to complete a MobiWorkX survey for airtime or G-Codes is required to supply details of their age, monthly income, their location within Kenya, and any other factors needed to identify the marketing demographic with which they correspond.

Invitations to participate may be received either by SMS or email, according to preference, and consist of a hyperlink to the specific questionnaire. Only those panel members who fall within the required demographic will be given access to the questions, while any others will be informed that they do not meet the criteria for participation in this particular survey for airtime. However, Kenya panel members will enjoy many more opportunities in which to earn some rewards.

In practice, the information obtained from these questionnaires is used by the clients of market-research companies to improve the products and services they provide to the region’s consumers as well as their sales and profits. It is, therefore, only fair that anyone in Kenya who is willing to provide meaningful answers to their questions by completing an online survey for airtime or G-Codes is suitably rewarded.