Consumers in Nigeria Can Now Complete A Survey for Airtime

The production and export of petroleum have long been the mainstay of the economy of Nigeria. The largest oil producer in Africa and the 12th largest worldwide, the nation’s oil industry contributes around 70% of government revenue while accounting for about 95% of the country’s foreign-exchange income. With the prediction of strong economic growth ahead, consumer spending has been growing, spurring a need for improved market research. The option to complete a survey for airtime has been helping producers and suppliers to obtain both the volume and the quality of data that is essential for this purpose.

Without market research, manufacturers and retailers are forced to rely purely on sales figures alone to measure their success. Those figures depend upon the real needs of customers and the extent to which a given product or service succeeds in meeting them, so consumer opinions are among the most effective means to measure that success – or the lack of it. In Nigeria, conducting a market survey in exchange for free airtime is proving to be a highly effective means to encourage consumer participation. Given that the nation is home to more than 172 million mobile subscriptions, this is probably not too surprising.

The country is often described as the “Giant of Africa” due to its status as both the wealthiest and most heavily populated country on the African continent. The citizens of Nigeria have, therefore, become an important target market for producers both in other African countries and in other continents, prompting the world’s leading market research company to extend the offer of free airtime for completing a survey to the country’s consumers.

Thanks to the vast number of smartphones in circulation and the growth of the World Wide Web, the task of contacting those consumers who have stated that they are willing to take part in a questionnaire has been simplified considerably. In many African countries such as Nigeria, the use of online questionnaires has replaced the earlier practices of conducting face-to-face interviews and making intrusive, unsolicited calls to landlines. When completing a survey for airtime, the same technologies have served to make this task easier also.

MobiWorkX is the name of the online platform responsible for introducing this popular reward system in Nigeria. It provides this market-research company with the means to host a panel made up of local consumers together with similar groups compiled to serve the same function in 28 other countries in Africa and the Middle East, all of whom then qualify to complete those surveys for airtime that are applicable to their country and relevant to their consumer profiles.

Anyone wishing to join a MobiWorkX panel needs only to supply a few personal details such as age, gender, marital status, location, and annual income. This helps to ensure that potential participants are given access only to those questionnaires that are seen as being relevant to their personal profiles.

The rewards for participation are of two main types, so consumers in Nigeria are free to choose between completing a survey for airtime or being rewarded with G-Codes – a type of virtual currency that a MobiWorkX panel member can save up and exchange for a wide variety of gifts.