Would You Like to Do a Survey for Airtime? Then Read On…

Staying connected with our loved ones has never been more important than it is right now. However, buying airtime for your mobile phone seems to run out so fast and there isn’t always extra cash to buy more before the end of the month. But what if there were other ways to top up your phone that didn’t require money? What if we told you that you could simply complete a survey in exchange for airtime, no matter which service provider you are with?

You read that right: you can earn rewards, including airtime, simply for completing a questionnaire. This is no joke. MobiWorkX is a leading online panel for the Kantar companies in Africa and the Middle East, and you can join our community of members who regularly earn rewards for sharing their opinions on brands, services, and products we all encounter on a daily basis.

Why pay you for your opinion? Well, because your opinion matters. It matters a lot, especially to brands who want to know how they are performing in real time. If they know what their consumers think of their brand, they can make sure that they produce and market it in such a way that it meets the demand of their fans. The more useful and available a brand is, the more successful it will be. So, they want to know what you think to make sure they continue to meet your needs.

Sounds good? Then why not get started right away and start earning those rewards? You can do it from anywhere in Ghana and whenever it suits you. However, to get started, you need to first register as a member of the MobiWorkX community in Ghana. Not to worry, this process is quick and easy, and it is completely free to join.

Are you ready to take a survey in exchange for airtimeor other rewards?

Step 1: Create Your Profile

You will find a button that says “Join Us Now” on our home page. Click on this and follow the easy instructions. It will guide you through a short set of questions to create your MobiWorkX profile. This is necessary for us to send you surveys that are relevant to you, and for you to accumulate your rewards.

Step 2: Look Out for New Surveys

Keep an eye on your phone to see when there are new surveys available. We will let you know about relevant surveys by sending you either an SMS notification, or an email to the address you provide. Alternatively, you can also log in to your MobiWorkX profile to see whether there are any new questionnaires available.

Step 3: Complete the Surveys to Earn Your Rewards

Complete the questionnaire each time you receive a survey to earn as many rewards as you possibly can. For each survey that is completed successfully, you will earn rewards. You can choose either airtime or electronic gift vouchers which you can use to buy a wide range of products.

Join the MobiWorkX online community in Ghana now to receive your first survey for airtime and other rewards.