What to Look for in a Survey Company that Pays Rewards in Nigeria

So, you’ve heard you can get rewarded simply for sharing your opinion, right? It’s true. Brands increasingly rely on market and consumer data to improve their products and services in order to win over consumers and grow their market share. However, it is wise to consider your options before you sign up to just any survey company in Nigeria. You want to know that you will earn real rewards that you can actually use for your time and effort.

5 Things to Look for In A Survey Company in Nigeria

  1. Reliability and trustworthiness. It is always wise to be vigilant when sharing your details online. So, when looking for a survey company in Nigeria, make sure you do a bit of research to verify that the company is for real and delivers what they promise. MobiWorkX was established in 2009 and is an online panel for the Kantar companies in Africa and the Middle East – with a proven track record.
  2. Pays actual rewards. You want to make sure that you benefit from this engagement, so make sure that you choose a survey company in Nigeria that rewards you for every questionnaire you complete successfully. Some companies simply enter each participant into a lucky draw where you stand a small chance to win something. MobiWorkX provides rewards for every successfully completed questionnaire.
  3. Free to join. If a survey company in Nigeria charges you to join their community, it should set off alarm bells. It is your opinion that is wanted – you should not pay to participate. It is absolutely free to join MobiWorkX and earn the rewards that are rightfully yours.
  4. Available in your country. Does the survey company operate in Nigeria and do they have the ability to give you usable rewards in your country? Remember, there are a number of companies that offers this service and they all operate in different territories. MobiWorkX is specifically interested in the market insights of Nigeria and our rewards are sourced to be relevant and applicable to the market. These rewards include mobile airtime and digital gift vouchers.
  5. Easily accessible. To make it worth your while, it should be easy for you to participate. With almost 170 million mobile phone connections active in Nigeria, mobile devices provide the quickest and easiest method of engaging with consumers. At MobiWorkX, we have made sure that our surveys are optimised for mobile phones to give you access wherever you are and whenever you have time, although we also make the questionnaires available on other devices such as laptops and tablets. Furthermore, we keep the registration process as simple and straightforward as possible and notify you of all new surveys that are available and relevant to you via SMS or email.

Your Voice Matters.

It’s time you start earning some extra rewards simply for sharing your opinion on your favourite brands and services. Join MobiWorkX – the leading survey company in Nigeria – in just a few quick and easy steps.