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The fact that companies still ask consumers for an honest opinion is something that vindicates humanity as a whole. Without reading too much into it, it remains a rather endearing relationship, that of producer asking for feedback from consumer. Not only is the process valuable for a host of good business reasons, it’s also nice to know that’s the kind of society we live in, where there is a collegial exchange in business between maker and user. Moreover, the practice of hosting surveys that pay consumers for their feedback, is its own kind of brand marketing, isn’t it?

To some extent, companies that care enough to glean feedback from consumers have already won half the battle. It says a lot about a company when they’re taking the time and making the effort to get an honest opinion from the marketplace. Yes, it’s in their best interests of course, as it informs strategy with an honest reality few other types of data can, but it’s a good circle of existence nonetheless. Nothing beats asking people for their opinion, hence the mainstream practice of surveys that pay members of the public to rate services and goods.

How to Spot a Great Survey Company

Genuine survey companies are always easy to identify by the offer. They’ll pay you in a variety of ways-cash, airtime, or vouchers-and they’ll keep you in a regular stream of surveys from a variety of clients. Taking surveys for cash is also loads of fun, you sign up online and work remotely, and, as if that wasn’t already a sweet deal, it’s the kind of work you can do sitting on the bus, or lying on the couch at home. A truly great survey company will also have a long list of reputable, often familiar companies listed as its clients.

It’s because MobiWorkX has such good standing amongst businesses for the reliability of its data and the efficiency of its process, that the company is rated in the top echelon of survey companies in South Africa. We’ve also made it really easy to sign up online, and we run on a very user-friendly platform that further enables the swift and pleasurable performance of our participants. Surveys vary, but can take a minute or two or longer, and if you ask anyone on board with us, they’ll tell you that it’s an extremely gratifying experience, knowing that your opinion is to be amalgamated into data that constitutes Business Intelligence.

Join MobiWorkX for Surveys That Pay

It might be seen as trivial by some, but there’s nothing trivial about market research, especially when it’s ongoing, and especially when it informs current goods and services. Join up with MobiWorkX and start getting airtime, gift vouchers, and cash rewards for your participation. It’s an online sign-up, and plain sailing thereafter. Join the people whose opinion counts-sign up with MobiWorkX today!