Why Market Research Is Big Business in Nigeria – and How You Can Benefit

In the modern marketplace, there are hundreds, even thousands of brands competing against each other for the attention of the public and to earn a growing share of consumer spending. With so much activity, it becomes more and more challenging to stand out in the crowd, and brands really need to pull out all the stops to make sure that they remain top of mind among buyers in Nigeria. This is where market research plays a major role.

For a brand to truly excel, it’s simply not enough to have a decent product or service anymore. It also needs to understand its consumer, it needs to know what their consumer wants and likes, what they dislike, and how they engage with the product or service in question. A brand should also be aware that this insight may very well differ in Nigeria from other territories, so the only way to get an accurate picture is through proper market research.

Now, doing market research in Nigeria is no small task. The country stretches across a vast 923 769 km2 and is home to more than 200 million people. So, how do you reach all of these people and collate their brand opinions?

Enter MobiWorkX. We are an online panel for the Kantar companies in Africa and the Middle East, and we are leaders in doing market research in Nigeria. To do this, we have looked at some of the leading connectivity statistics of the country:

  • There are 169,2 million active mobile phone connections in the country, which equates to 83% of the population.
  • There are 85,49 million Internet users in the country, which indicates penetration of 42%.

Taking these figures into account, we have identified these as the most effective channels to reach as many Nigerian consumers as possible. We’ve created a network of online panellists to answer surveys and share their opinions on everyday brands, products, and services. What’s more, these participants get rewarded for their time and effort.

The best part? You can be one of these individuals who earn rewards simply for sharing their opinion.

That’s right, you can join the market research panel of MobiWorkX in Nigeria and earn rewards for answering questionnaires. What’s more, it is absolutely free to join our community and you can complete the surveys in your own time, wherever and whenever you want.

How to Join

To reach as many valuable consumers as we can, we’ve made the process as easy as possible. From joining to getting rewarded require only four quick steps:

  1. Create your online profile

Complete the online registration process by answering a few simple questions.

  • Keep an eye on your inbox

We’ll notify you via SMS or email when new surveys are available.

  • Complete the surveys

Click on the link we sent and complete the questionnaire successfully to earn points.

  • Claim your rewards

Redeem your rewards for great rewards, including airtime and shopping vouchers.

Make sure your voice is heard. Join the market research panel of MobiWorkX in Nigeria right now and start earning great rewards in no time.